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Chromebooks… Google’s OS web-base appllications

Google reveals its new OS web-based applications. It is a new approach exploiting web capabilities to use digital word. Google has developed a new OS that can be a real revolution of the web. In this model, user doesn’t need applications on his PC to work, he needs just a laptop equipped by a Chromebooks


Flexible phone

Candian researchers from Queen University developped a prototype of what they call a Snaplet. The Snaplet is a flexible phone that’s created on a flexible electronic platform. It offers many functions accessible by a simple menu. To access to these functions you can touch by your finger or a pen.


Apple acts a tracking bug in iOS4

The source problem was a hidden file found in the device that records the position of users. Using a software application, a map of movements can be generated. The file doesn’t have any impact if the localisation services settings are disabled. This was discovered by


Apple reveals its iPad 2


Steve Jobs announced the new Apple product : iPad2. It is a new version of iPad the famous tablet of Apple Inc. iPad2 comes with a new design : 33% more thin and 15% more light.


Sony Tablet : Tow models S1 & S2

sony logo

Sony officially announced their two new products: the Tablets S1 and S2. These tablets are based on Android3.0 platform (HoneyComp) and the  Tegra 2 processor of Nvidia.

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