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Chromebooks… Google’s OS web-base appllications

Google reveals its new OS web-based applications. It is a new approach exploiting web capabilities to use digital word. Google has developed a new OS that can be a real revolution of the web. In this model, user doesn’t need applications on his PC to work, he needs just a laptop equipped by a Chromebooks


Qwiki… when Information is an Experience

Qwiki is a new search engine , it can generate a video with voice to give information about the topic written in its topic search field. It exploits the content of Wikipedia to


The sixthsens… a new approach of PC

I find this the most innovative invention after computer. Pranav Mistry is a Ph.D at the prestigious MIT, he works on many subjects and problematic. In the following video, Mistry talks about a very genius idea that can impact our behavior.

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