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Chromebooks… Google’s OS web-base appllications

Google reveals its new OS web-based applications. It is a new approach exploiting web capabilities to use digital word. Google has developed a new OS that can be a real revolution of the web. In this model, user doesn’t need applications on his PC to work, he needs just a laptop equipped by a Chromebooks


Microsoft acquired Skype

The software’s giant bought the phenomenal web company  Skype for $8.5bn. Microsoft acquired Skype Communications in order to develop the call phone services via internet. Skype has around 663 million users of its service,


Flexible phone

Candian researchers from Queen University developped a prototype of what they call a Snaplet. The Snaplet is a flexible phone that’s created on a flexible electronic platform. It offers many functions accessible by a simple menu. To access to these functions you can touch by your finger or a pen.


Apple acts a tracking bug in iOS4

The source problem was a hidden file found in the device that records the position of users. Using a software application, a map of movements can be generated. The file doesn’t have any impact if the localisation services settings are disabled. This was discovered by


Renren…The chinese it strong enough??


Renren or the Chinese Facebook, was debuted a few hours on New York Stock Exchange. The new coming was valued at around $5bn, it was founded in December 2005 and currently knows 31 million active monthly users.

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