Renren…The chinese Facebook..is it strong enough??

Renren or the Chinese Facebook, was debuted a few hours on New York Stock Exchange. The new coming was valued at around $5bn, it was founded in December 2005 and currently knows 31 million active monthly users. It represents an other Chinese success experience on the web.

Allowing to www.website-worth-value.com

Renren is worth $34,517,786 USD and had a World rank of #83 since our last update. Renren.com has a Google PR of 7 and is listed in DMoz

It is one of the powerful Chinese company  on the web. The Chinese market is very promoter and offers several investment opportunities given the number of users connected to the Internet. In 2010, the numbers of Chinese users was estimated at around 444.9 million of users. Between 2000 and 2010 the number of Internet users in China had increased by 1,277.4% , this raises China in the third rank after the Arabic word and Russia in terms of growth in Internet. For more information click here.

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