Apple reveals its iPad 2

Steve Jobs announced the new Apple product : iPad2. It is a new version of iPad the famous tablet of Apple Inc. iPad2 comes with a new design : 33% more thin and 15% more light. It makes it very useful to browse the web, read emails, see films and more. By using A dual-core A5 chip, the tablet  is twice as fast. Equipped by two cameras (like Motorola’s Xoom) one in front for video conferencing and one in back to take photos and videos. High resolution offered by a 9.7 display using LED technology.

The tablet is equipped also by a gyroscope, an accelerometer an a compass, that make it a very beautiful gadget to play interactive games. Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities to be connected all the time to Internet and many applications developed for the iOS4 of Apple.

But to protect its screen, Apple adds to the accessories a smart cover designed for iPad, if you finish your activity and you close it, the iPad2 sleeps automatically… simple and genius idea, no?

You can find it in the market from 499$.

The next video shows the Steve Jobs introduces iPad2 :

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