Motorola is also in the race

Motorola launched its tablet called Xoom, based on Android 3.0, so it is considered the first tablet using the OS tablet Honeycomb (Android 3.0). It uses an intern duo-core processor, that makes it very strong for downloading, multitasking, and it offers it a very high streaming and display quality. It is compatible with Adobe® Flash® Player 10, then it offers a great accessibility to many contents of web.

Xoom is equipped by two cameras one in front (2MP)  to make video conferencing and an other in back (5MP) to take photos and videos.

Many applications are implemented :


  • EMAIL : Exchange, Google Mail, POP3/IMAP
  • INSTANT MESSAGING : Google Talk™

Google Services

  • Google Maps™Version 5.0
  • Google Talk™ with a Video chat
  • YouTube™

Productive software :

  • APPLICATIONS :Quickoffice® Viewer
  • CLOCK :  Alarm clock

With many WALLPAPERS  pre-loaded and downloadables.

A set of options that make this tablet a real concurrent to Apple’s iPad.

This is a short report representing this new product :

More news are available via the following links :

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