Sony Tablet : Tow models S1 & S2

Sony officially announced their two new products: the Tablets S1 and S2. These tablets are based on Android3.0 platform (HoneyComp) and the  Tegra 2 processor of Nvidia.

Tablet S1

The tablet has a 9.4″ display, it is very multimedia-oriented through the Qriocity portal an d it has an overlay specific touchscreen (the first one on Honeycomb), with an APN (Access Point Name) in front and in back for videoconferencing.

Tablet S2

With its suitable conception, it is the most original. It folds in half, and it has two  5.5″ (1024 x 480) displays. With this design and it can fits in a pocket like the game console Nintendo DS.



The two tablets will be equipped with WiFi (DLNA support) and will have 3G and 4G capabilities. Their launch is planned for the fall.

This is a short report introducing the Sony Tablets capabilities

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