How to make your first php page?

PHP is a language used to create a dynamic page web. It is very simple and it is a powerful language used by a large community on the web. To start with, you need a server that compile and interpret the php script after sending a request by the user (Client), then the server send a response that’ll be interprested by the browser using HTML.  To creatre your first page :

  1. Download the last wamp server version from here and install it.
  2. Start the server in a folder in your hard disk, I’ll use WAMP_PATH as the installation folder of the wamp server
  3. Go to WAMP_PATH/www/ and create a folder myFirstProject (or any other name) create a new simple file, and save it as .php file (change its extension) and name it index.php
  4. Edit the file by a Text Editor (my favour is Noetpad++).
  5. To insert a php script in your file you have to use the php balise <?php //your code here ?>
  6. Insert the following code in your file :
    <html> <HEAD></HEAD> <BODY> <?php echo(‘Hello World…’); ?> </BODY> </html>
  7. To test it click here. As a result, you get the home page of the wamp server. You find in this page a link to your first project called myFirstProject, click on
  8. as result you get Hello World


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