How to install a new tomcat server in your workspace?

  1. Download a new version server from here.
  2. Unzip the package where you like, it is recommended to use a folder name without spaces (e.g. C:/Servers). This folder will be the $CATALINA_HOME
  3. In $CATALINA_HOME /bin, there are two files to start and shutdown the server :
    1. startup.bat to start server in Windows OS (startup.sh for Linux)
    2. shutdown.bat to stop server in Windows OS (shutdown.sh for Linux)
  4. Click here to test it after run it, or type this URL http://localhost:8080/ in your browser
  5. You are in the index page deployed in your server $CATALINA_HOME /webapps/ROOT/index.html. From this page you can get access to many examples helping you to understand the JSP philosophy development.
  6. Shutdown the server if it is running, and go to your workspace under Eclipse.
  7. Right click in the Project Explorer panel > New… > Others…> Server > Server Next. You can do this also from the Servers panel > New…> Server
  8. Choose a server version from the Apache List > Next
  9. Click on Browse to specify the home folder of the tomcat server {CATALINA_HOME} > OK.
  10. The default JRE is the Workbench default JRE. Sometimes (especially for the new installations) you have to specify the JRE for your server, in this case it is 1.6.X. If it is installed you choose it from the list of JRE, else you click on Installed JREs.

    If it appears in the list you select It > Ok > you keep the value of JRE Workbench default JRE, else you click on Add… Select Standard VM > Next
  11. You specify the home of the installation folder, a JRE name will be assigned automatically > Finish. The New JRE will appear in the list of installed JRE, select It > Ok > you keep the value of JRE : Workbench default JRE
  12. Click on Finish.

    Congratulation…Your server is installed now. To run it right click on the server > Start or Click on the Start icon.


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