What’s JEE and which are their APIs?

JEE : Java Enterprise Edition (ex J2EE) is a specification of Java Sun technique for enterprise applications. These apllications are designed in a multi-levels approach. To do this, each implementation of this specification contains a set of  Java Standard framework extensions to make easy the creation of distributed applications.

  • Servlet : Component reprensting the C of MVC paradigm
  • Portlet : Web container (extension of Servlet API)
  • JSP : Java Server Pages web framework. (see What is servlet, what is jsp?)
  • JSF : Java Server Faces web frame work extension of JSP.
  • EJB : Enterprise Java Beans, distributed components.
  • JNDI : Java Naming and Directory Interface API to connect to directories, including LDAP and namespaces objects.
  • JDBC : Java Database Connectivity API to connect to databases. (see Which are types of JDBC drivers?)
  • JMS : Java Message Service : API of asynchronous communication via messages.
  • JCA : J2EE Connector Architecture API to connect to enterprise information systems (e.g ERP).
  • JavaMail : API to manage mails.
  • JMX : Java Management Extension, it offers extensions to develop management web application.
  • JPA : Java Persistence API to manage data persistence.
  • JTA : Java Transaction API to manage transactions.
  • JAXP : Java API for XML Processing to analysis XML files (or flows).
  • JAXM : Java API for XML Messaging, it offers methods to access to SOAP messages.
  • JAX-RPC : Java API for XML based RPC it allows to invoke a java based Web service. Since the version 2.0, JAX-RPC becomes JAX-WS (Java API for XML based Web Service).
  • JAXB : Java Architecture for XML Binding to map (bind) an XML document to a set of classes and vice versa via serialization/deserialization operations called marshaling/unmarshaling.
  • JAXR : Java API for XML Registries to mange XML registries in an uniform way.
  • Java RMI : Java Remote Method Invocation API, it allows communication between remote Java objects.
  • JAVA IDL : Java Interface Definition Language API, it allows communications between remote Java/Non-Java objects. It can be considered as an extension of Java RMI.

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